Minor hockey being ruined by the coaching of systems?

At TLPF we advocate for elite competitive hockey players playing tactically with pressure because we know it helps with the development of skills when taught and coached correctly.  We don’t believe in the coaching of “set plays” or playing a “trapping system” but rather basic concepts for playing with pressure with and without the puck in all three zones.  Scott Morrison’s recent views on some of the concerns in minor hockey is worth taking in because minor hockey has become a cash grab with pressure on kids to attend off season camps to support the local hockey association.  Most of the off season camps are nothing more than a bunch of drills being run with an absence of clear teaching and coaching of proper hockey fundamentals for players to develop the right skill sets; like skating, passing, stick handling, shooting and use of the body and stick to check properly.  The paying of Head Coaches and Technical Advisors by these hockey associations shouldn’t come from hockey parents.   Who protects the best interest of the game and hockey parents from the association fees charged to hockey parents, Hockey Canada or do the association’s have full autonomy to charge fees?  Good questions? The link to Scott’s video:  http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/scotiabank-hockey-day-in-canada-the-issues-confronting-minor-hockey/


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