Player safety should be an important issue for NHL executive Gary Bettman.

In 2016 it’s hard to believe that fighting in hockey is still tolerated in the NHL.  This is the league that says they care about player safety issues.  If Mr. Bettman wants to demonstrate that the league cares about player safety then he should start with a zero tolerance policy on fighting.   No other non fighting sports league tolerates players fighting.    The NFL is one of the most physical contact sports in the world and they have a zero fighting policy.  With the recent concerns about concussions in the NHL you would think a ban on fighting in the league would be an easy first step for Bettman to show he and the owners care about player safety.   Let’s see if the NHL really cares about player safety because a ban on fighting is an easy obvious first step.  Let’s see hard played clean hockey with skill and speed!  


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