SENS Fans Should Be Optimistic

The fans in Ottawa have good reason to be excited with the recent news of GM Pierre Dorion succeeding Bryan Murray. Pierre has been mentored by Bryan Murray who is a good hockey man and legend in the Ottawa Valley. Guy Boucher the new Head Coach is a young well educated coach who likely will benefit big time with the addition of Marc Crawford to the coaching team. The new GM and director of the coaching program Dorion has a big challenge before him. The Senator’s defensive zone has been a disaster in 2015/16 and Dave Cameron didn’t have the answers to change the team’s style of play in their own end of the rink. The challenge for this new group is formidable for sure, the NHL Stats for the 2015/16 season reveal the tough road ahead, the Senator’s summary:
– Goals Against 21st/30 teams with 241 goals against,
– Power Play 15.8%  26th/30 teams
– Penalty Kill 75.8 % 29/30 teams
– Shots/Games Played 27th/30 teams with 28.4 shots/game played.
It is an exciting time in Ottawa because with change comes optimism and hope that the new faces will bring about better results.  There is no doubt there has to be a major change in the style of game the team has to play. Time will tell if there will be a new brand of hockey played in Ottawa where the boys will take pride in playing 200′ of the rink.  It’s been a long time coming but let’s be optimistic.  Be great to see a more consistent effort by our SENS in the coming season and hopefully they will become a tough team to score against.


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