Player Parent Performance Dashboard – Competitive Minor Hockey

Every good hockey coach knows the importance of having regular communication with every player on the team throughout the season.  Every player should know where they stand on key components of their game skill wise.   Equally important to the evaluation process is evaluating the individual characteristics of the athlete and the person.  There are a lot of key traits that must be developed to support a complete hockey player.  The dashboard provided in this link speaks to the  important traits or characteristics of the young player that must be coached to support the development of the player and person.  We encourage the inclusion of the parent(s) in the player evaluation meeting because the parent(s) must understand the importance of their role in support of their child’s development as a player.  We have also included the rating of the parent in the Coach’s evaluation because some parents need to be coached on how to best support their child’s development in hockey.  The parent(s) can be a big plus and positive factor in the development process or a big negative.  We encourage open conversation and dialogue with parent(s) because it adds value to the coaching process.  Performance Dashboard Competitive Hockey



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