Flyers vs. Capitals DZ Exit Side Board Puck with Structure

In this short video clip between the Flyers and Capitals you get a chance to see how to defend with the structure of five in the box on a half wall or side board puck location. Keys to defending a side board or half wall puck location: 1. Get five players in the box (team defence) 2. Outnumber on the puck with three players on the puck; two players set the edge to contain the puck battle, first man plays the body and separates the offensive player from the puck, second man plays the puck and chips to open teammate, third player executes the DZ exit play. 3. All players know their role and have a set exit play off the puck recovery.  Please watch to video to see the Flyers execute some good team defensive play. Click on the link to view:


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