Defending Side Board Puck Location – Gone Wrong

In this video clip the defensive team makes mistakes in their defensive play defending the side board puck location.  The mistakes: 1) The left edge isn’t set or contained  2) The first player on the puck doesn’t play the body but instead uses his stick and fishes for the puck 3) They don’t outnumber on the puck and play three against two 4) They don’t lock down the net and slot zones with good man coverage when the opponent recovers the puck and attacks the net.  Locking down the net and slot zones requires the defensive team to complete the following tasks: 1) play defensive side of the puck in man coverage and box out the opponent to control middle ice and take away passing lanes 2) Defensive players must get their stick under the opponent and take the player to the net, 3) Force a perimeter shot on net with every offensive player “covered” right to the net. Video below for viewing:


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