Shea Weber – PK Suban Trade Analysis

The reaction to this trade has been somewhat typical by journalists.  I’ve read this trade will be up there with one of the worst in the history of the Canadiens and that Marc Bergevin has put his job on the line with the move.  With every trade both GM’s have an interest in adding or removing something to improve their hockey club.  If you read between the lines Marc Bergevin was looking for a mature defenseman with leadership credentials with a proven track record to stabilize the room and team dynamics.  Every GM and successful Head Coach will tell you they are trying to fill the roster with players driven for success that push each other every day on and off the ice towards getting better.  None of us are close enough to the scene to assess the chemistry and true goings on in meetings, video sessions and team activities.  The numbers on each player compare,  they are both excellent athletes and highly skilled Defensemen.  Check for yourself: Weber – Suban Stats Compare  Shea is under contract for 10 years with a cap hit of 7.86 million/yr.  PK is under contract for 6 with a cap hit of 9 million.  The Canadiens have acquired a character veteran defenseman with maturity and proven leadership abilities which is a tough task to accomplish. The real issue for this trade to work for Montreal is “Coaching”. This is a team that has to be coached to play better in all three zones with and without  the puck.  The forwards last year couldn’t cycle the puck or take the puck down low to the net or even attack off the rush to creat scoring chances.  Defensively in their own end of the rink they must play better team defence with structure and five in the box. The Habs were poor with and without the puck in the Neutral Zone last year. This trade won’t help Montreal if the Head Coach doesn’t install a program to improve team play, period.  I think the Habs GM accomplished the objective of improving the TEAM with the trade for reasons that were not shared.  Team performance in Montreal (wins/losses) depends on a huge improvement in team play on ice with better tactical play – not this trade.





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