Enemy of Excellence in Youth Sports

In this article Changing the Game has raised the issue of how parents, coaches, players and sports organizations place too much emphasis on winning at the expense of player development.  The focus of THINK LESS PLAY FASTER (TLPF) HOCKEY is based on kids from PeeWee to Junior being taught to play individual and group tactics with pressure to improve  skills. There should be no “trapping” systems or other tactics taught that do not support the execution of playing at speed with player and puck movement.  We at TLPF believe all players must be coached to play a pressure game because it’s the best way for skills to develop.  A coach commented to us that minor hockey players can’t play man coverage in the defensive zone because Defensemen can’t cover Wingers. Aren’t Defensemen required to play man coverage in Junior, NCAA and Canadian University hockey? We have to focus on teaching and coaching individual and group tactics that develop the skill sets to play at higher levels in youth sports.  Our focus needs to change. Press the link below to view the article:

The Enemy of Excellence in Youth Sports




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