Who Won the Derick Brassard and Mika Zibanejad Trade

The Ottawa Senators have traded away their first round pick from the 2011 NHL ENTRY Draft, who is only 23 years old.  Mika Zibanejad was a highly touted Centre with good size and skills.  He was a European player developed on the big ice surfaces in Europe.  It is always a difficult decision to trade a 23 year old player who has only been in your system for less than five seasons.  So, why the trade for Derick Brassard who is turning 29 but also a first round pick 6th overall, like Mika, and also a Centreman?  The SENS have acquired a solid Centreman with a +12 plus/minus rating and likely felt to be better defensively.  The SENS were one of the worst teams in their own end of the ice in 2016.  A good defensive Centreman is essential to playing good defence below the hash marks.  Our bet, Brassard is seen as an upgrade defensively.  Brassard also doubled Mika’s Power Play numbers in 2016 with 22 power play points.  Time will tell who got the better of this trade.  The link below provides a 2016 point comparison of the two players. We included the numbers on all the first round Centreman from the 2011 NHL ENTRY draft to show how Mika’s numbers compare. Best wishes to both players. For the SENS let’s hope Derick is solid defensively in the DZ and can help with productivity on the PP!  The numbers for your review: Mike Zibanejad Comparison



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