Coach Rick Traugott’s Article on Coaching the Project

Coach Traugott shares an article for coaches, parents and players. Too often not all parent(s) are fully supportive of the Coach or Coaches.

Parents must step back and encourage their son or daughter to work out any of the issues they may be having with their coaches related to ice time, understanding their roles and responsibilities or other coaching issues related to player performance.

Many talented players have not reached their full potential because of being labelled uncoachable, selfish, a poor teammate or lacking leadership qualities because of negative experience with parental intervention and interferences.

Kids have to be taught by parents what their roles and responsibilities are as a teammate playing a team sport. We have our children play team sports to learn the importance of team play and to learn what a group of individuals pulling in the same direction sharing common goals can achieve. Our kids are there to listen, learn and participate fully in team activities both on and off the ice.  Parents have a role to teach their children the importance of being coachable and being a good teammate. Our children are playing team sports to learn how to compete and learn good sportsmanship among other things.

The Coaches need parental support not counter coaching.

Often parents mean well but this reminder to support the coaching is important because parents can be either a huge help or hindrance in the player development process.

Ask yourself as a parent, am I fostering the right behaviours and attitudes with my son or daughter? Do we as parents teach our kids the importance of forging a good relationship with their coaches, teammates, opponents and officials? Coaches need parental support to teach and coach kids today. Coaches shouldn’t have to teach and coach parents on how to behave and support their children’s development. Link to the article:!Coaching-the-Project/mj89w/572c71cd0cf205ef80cd7a75



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