Setting Team Goals

The 2016 Hockey Season is here and players are trying out for competitive hockey teams around the world. Team Rosters are going to be set and Coaches will be conducting team meetings to provide a focus for team play.

One of the best tools to provide a team with focus is the use of a set of GOALS.  We recommend two or three goals at a time and the goals should always be based on where you are at in the seasonal coaching plan. Because the season is just getting underway we have created a few goals for team play in the Defensive Zone as an example for coaches. The DZ is an area most teams address first when implementing their seasonal coaching plan.

Goals without a clear set of expectations on how you expect your team to play and achieve the goals isn’t going to guarantee results. As a Coach you should want to engage your team in the goal setting process because it’s fun and you want the group to buy into the program your going to implement. With your teaching and coaching of the key work and setting clear expectations on how you want the team to play and practice you will be positioning the team for success.

Goals without measurement aren’t nearly as effective.  Players and Coaches need feedback on the teaching and coaching process so measurements are very helpful to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the team coaching and team performance.

In competitive minor hockey the use of game video and practice video can be extremely helpful to the coaching process. As the Coach you need to evaluate how the players are executing pressure tactics based on your teaching and coaching. So, video can be helpful to both the coaching staff and the players in off ice sessions.

There are Shot a Tracker Apps on the market that produce a game report on where every shot came from in the DZ and what player shot the puck. If you’re interested in having the lowest shots on goal (SOG) in your league this is a tool that may help you.

Click on the document link for an EXAMPLE of a goal setting template for the Defensive Zone (DZ):Team Goal Setting




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