Performance Objectives

Setting of Performance Objectives

Yesterday we blogged that Goals can be an effective way to focus the players and the coaching staff on areas for improved team play.

We do not recommend the use of goals with an absence of measurement. Why, because you need feedback to assess team performances and the coaching work that supports team performances.

We recommend in the DZ that every coach measure the following: Total Shots  on Goal (SOG), SOG House, SOG Points and SOG Other. There are easy to use SOG Tracker Apps out there you can use on a tablet or cell phone device.

Once you obtain data for a few games you might want to improve and reduce SOG.

Setting Performance Objectives is useful to focus coaching work and player performances.  You can use objectives to set performance targets like: Reduce Total SOG by 15% or Reduce SOG from the Points by X% or Reduce SOG in the House by X%.

The old saying about what gets measured gets done is true. Performance objectives with measurement will support your results in the DZ – try it!


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