DZ Exit Drill – Take Advantage Width & Depth Ice Surface

We just reviewed in our previous post the DZ exit strong side as a valuable tactic under pressure. In this drill, if the weak side D believes there is time to move out the weak side, the break out is called for. Communication between the D pairing is very important. The five sent in to recover the puck use the full width and depth of the ice surface (DZ). The Centre covers middle ice and sets up in the net zone. The key is timing of the Centres release (judgement) to receive a pass from the corner D or exit and get a return pass from a Winger. The Coach adds resistance (forecheckers) based on a demonstrated ability of the five exiting the break out. You can run this out of both ends of the rink. Run a regroup at centre ice and practice a three on two. The forecheckers can be used to back check or not.


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