Exit the DZ Strong Side with Five in the Box

One of the biggest mistakes most teams make in defending against a soft dump into the corner or a hard rim is not supporting the puck properly. Most teams send the strong side D into the corner by himself while sending the weak side D to cover the net zone. Usually the strong side D has a forward barrelling down upon him/her without a passing lane or option. At TLPF we recommend “outnumbering” on the puck which is a pressure play. By sending the D pairing (both left and right D) into the strong side corner we usually have 2-1 in the corner to recover the puck, gain control and make a quality pass to a forward to exit the zone strong side. The Centre covers the net zone with the two Wingers coming down to the hash marks responsible for supporting the puck offensively and defensively. The Centre can come down into the strong side corner to support the D pairing if need be. The strong side Winger then sags down to cover the net zone from the hash mark position. When you play 5-3 in the strong side corner you should be able to exit 100% of the time with practice and good execution. The drill in this YouTube video shows the Coach dumping into the corner and five coming back with no resistance. Keep adding resistance (more fore checkers) until mastered. You can run a full ice five against none, add D pairing (5-2) or run the drill half ice out of both ends regrouping at centre ice and playing 3-2 off the regroup. Better be a 3-2 played with pressure.


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