The Power Hockey Position

We came across this youtube video on the power position for hockey players and wanted to share the importance of this excellent video clip. Every young hockey player must watch this video and master the power position if he/she wants to develop their hockey skills to play at an elite competitive level.

The power position is necessary for the athlete to have any chance of mastering skills because it is the key to “balance”. The power position provides the athlete with the necessary athletic posture required to master the following skills: skating, shooting, passing, checking, puck control and protecting the puck. To develop inside and outside edge control skating you must be in a good athletic hockey posture to feel the edges and remain in balance. To shoot a puck, pass a puck, stick handle and protect the puck or deliver a body check at an elite level the player must be in perfect balance, the Power Hockey Position is the key. Chest over the thighs, butt our, correct knee flex, correct spine angle and feet the proper width apart will go a long way in helping the young player learn the importance of balance.

In hockey we transfer weight from our back foot to the front foot shooting, passing, body checking, fighting off a check etc. We encourage every young player to watch the video and work at  implementing this posture into their game.

The video – must watch is below.


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