The Power Hockey Position – Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos

On 2016-10-17 TLPF posted a blog about the importance of the Power Hockey Position (PHP). In the post we showed you a young hockey player being taught how to check that he was in the PHP. We also shared that mastering the power hockey position would provide the athlete with great balance which is necessary to develop all of the skills necessary to be a good player. You can’t play the pressure game if you don’t have speed and quickness and that comes from being in a good hockey position.

Today TLPF shares Steven Stamkos highlights on a YOUTUBE video. Steven is a great NHL player with elite skills and will be going into the NHL Hall of Fame soon after he retires from the game. I saw him play the other night and its going to be a while before he retires, wow can he play.

We share Steven Stamkos because he demonstrates great athletic posture in every skill he performs on the rink. He is always seen with the right amount of knee flexion, butt out, chest over his thighs, feet outside his shoulders in an excellent athletic posture for perfect balance. In the video you will see his weight transfer and balance when he shoots, checks, protects the puck, stick handles and makes plays. Watch him when he protects the puck, takes the puck to the net and avoids pressure. Mr. Stamkos is always in a great power hockey position. We hope every young player takes the time to watch and learn the importance of the Power Hockey Position demonstrated in these highlights of Steven Stamkos.


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