Lesson for Young Competitive Hockey Players

There are two mistakes made in this NHL video clip between the Penguins and the Senators. Every coach knows that too many DZ puck give aways will result in a loss. Some  experienced coaches can predict a game loss by X number of puck give aways in the DZ.

The saying “know your role and do your job” is the big teaching point from this video. You see 4 Senator defenders play the man with the puck and leave a Penguin forward open down low to score. The goal scorer is uncovered because players tried to do too much instead of knowing their role and executing their role.

When the puck gets to the opponents D man up top in the DZ, there should be one forward rushing the strong side opponent’s D and another forward taking away the D to D pass up top. There should be man coverage down low below the hash marks.

Review the short clip and you see that even in the NHL players need to be taught and coached to know their role and do their own job and do it well.

If you are a young competitive hockey player there is an opportunity to learn an important lesson from this post.


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