Think Less Play Faster – The Concept

In order for competitive hockey players to play with pressure they must know their role with and without the puck in all three zones every second during a game. For players to know their role and how to execute their role and play with pressure is no easy coaching task. It takes a special approach with off ice sessions to support on ice coaching.

The concept of think less play faster is about the teaching and coaching process to ensure players know their role and how to execute. The belief is players don’t have time to think to play sound situational hockey. Players need to know their role and must be taught read and react skills to support the puck offensively/defensively individually and as a group. To play fast requires players to be taught and coached pressure individual and group tactics and the skills to execute.

Keep an eye out for our Defensive Zone Program we hope to launch within a competitive minor hockey association in 2017/18.  We would like to pilot the think less play faster defensive zone program which will teach and coach the pressure game in the defensive zone. Players have a chance of developing to their full potential when they are taught the tactical pressure game.


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