4 Stages of Skill Acquisition

At TLPF we share an excellent article from learntocoachbasketball.com on the 4 stages of skill acquisition;

  • Unskilled, Unconscious
  • Unskilled, Conscious
  • Skilled, Conscious
  • Skilled, Unconscious (TLPF Level)

We share to create an awareness of what think-less-play-faster is all about; its about skill acquisition reaching stage 4 where the athlete is playing at a skilled unconscious level where there is no need to think about skill execution and fundamentals because they are now automatic.

The athlete’s tactical knowledge and skills (individual and group tactics) in all three zones is being performed at the stage 4 level where the player is now able to read and react because of their tactical knowledge and level of skill mastery to execute without over thinking, the execution has become automatic and unconscious.

When the competitive hockey player has been taught and coached the TLPF program off ice with the use of video and play animation, with a participatory approach, the level of understanding gets to the necessary level for the athlete to play sound situational hockey. The next step, taking the right drills to the ice to teach and coach proper fundamentals so the level of skill necessary to execute at the skilled unconscious level can be attained.

We share the link to the 4 stages of skill acquisition to support the awareness of the think-less-play-faster concept. Helping players get to stage 4 skill acquisition. The document link for your review:http://learntocoachbasketball.com/four-stages-of-skill-acquisition


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