Neutral Zone Turnovers|Know Your Role

In this video we share a neutral zone (NZ) turnover by Backes #42 of the Boston Bruins in the game against the Leafs the other night. The reason for sharing the video is to emphasize the importance of getting through the NZ with puck control and speed using the full width and depth of the ice surface.

Backes #42 attempts to stick handle upon receipt of the puck instead of passing the puck to his teammate who has his stick on the ice skating through the middle of the ice open. Backes gets checked and the turnover results in a counter attack by the Leafs and goal scored.

Teaching Points:

  • Move the puck when you receive a pass stationary in the NZ – don’t try to stick handle in the NZ,
  • When you turn the puck over in the NZ, know your role and execute your role. In this case three Bruins focus on the puck carrier and nobody picks up Nylander #29 going to the net for the pass.
  • When defending an attack off the rush – every defensive player should have his head on a swivel looking to pick up man coverage, get on the defensive side of the puck and take their check to the net.
  • Pay attention to the details and you will become a good two way hockey player. ¬†A pressure defensive individual tactical play (picking up your check) was required and we let the offensive player go to the net for the easy pass and score.

The Video:


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