Spend more time in the learning zone

Every parent, coach, player or person interested in constant and never ending improvement must watch this video . The coaching process is about learning – practicing and performing. The process has no ending or beginning. The process is a continuous effort towards improving in the areas of life that are important to each individual.


The living and breathing in the belief that our goal should be one of constant and never ending improvement is the way to live life in my opinion. As a performance coach it’s my firm belief that it is never too late for anyone to start learning to achieve their goals.

The importance of spending more time in the learning zone practicing and developing skills and tactics will support the development process of an athlete or any individual trying to get better at an activity they enjoy performing.

Every person should benefit from this short video on the learning zone and performance zone. Take 15 minutes out of your day to listen and you decide if this process makes sense and is worth incorporating in your performance development planning. The link:








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