Defensemen Learning Video Clip

One on One Play

This video clip was selected to share a couple of teaching points with young Defensemen. The easiest play in hockey for a defensemen is a one on one. A good defensemen should never get beat one on one.  Make sure you practice your backward skating every chance you get. You should be able to skate backwards as fast as a forward skates forwards. Practice your backward start and acceleration to full speed.

Teaching Points:

  1. Anticipate passes through the NZ and get good at reading and reacting and breaking up plays with your feet and body position. In this clip, the forward had one player to move the puck to and the PENS LD #3 didn’t step up to make the play in middle ice.
  2. Play the body first then the puck or body|stick|puck but never play the puck first in a one against one.
  3. Never get caught reaching for the puck in the NZ with your feet outside your shoulders, #3 could have been beat right up the middle on this play. All his weight was forward and he was almost stationary.
  4. Play the body first. PENS #3 had #46 to the outside, all he had to do was play the body first not the puck.
  5. Never let a forward within your stick length before playing the body or you will get beat every time. Enjoy the video and be a student of the game.



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