Defending the HOUSE

Every well coached team teaches and coaches defensive skills to players. Players have to know how to use their body and stick to separate the offensive player from the puck to recover the puck. Every skilled player must know their role (assigned task) in situational hockey to be effective.

In this bog we examine a goal scored against the Montreal Canadiens in the pre-season game in 2017 against the Senators. The goal is the result of a player not executing his role when Defending the net zone. The player either did not know how to defend or it was a mental error where he clearly does not execute his assigned task at the Skilled Unconscious level of acquired learning.

How to teach and coach Defending the HOUSE is a subject covered on our PLAY FAST PROGRAM page of this website.

The link to my video of the play that cost the Canadiens a preventable goal, click:

Let’s give credit to #61 Stone of the Senators for getting his stick on the puck and putting the puck upstairs into the top of the net. A skilled offensive play ✅.


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