Two Against One Played FAST

In this short video clip TLPF reviews the key teaching points in the perfect execution of a 2-1. The clip is from the SanJose Sharks and the NJ Devils game.

Teaching Points:

  1. Use the width and depth of the ice surface whenever possible.
  2. Attackers should be on their forehands whenever possible.
  3. Set a good passing lane with an “offset” between the two offensive attackers.
  4. Skate at full speed to create separation from the back checkers.

Practice these key teaching points so you are able to execute the play to perfection. A two against one should result in a goal against more often than not with perfect execution of these teaching points. If the forwards cannot be on their forehand practice your passing skills and learn how to open up to shoot on your forehand effectively when on your backhand receiving a pass to shoot.

The video is a great example of a two on one executed to perfection.


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