Character is more Important than Talent

Check out the Character page on this site for a twenty minute video of Navy Seal, David Goggins. Many kids today aren’t being pushed by their parents to accept responsibility for their performances in school, sports and life. Many kids today are living in their comfort zone and would benefit from being encouraged to start setting goals and working daily habits to achieve their goals. Let’s be honest, we are all individually responsible for our happiness and the sooner kids learn this the better off they will become.

All too often parents will complain about their child’s sports coach or teacher for poor performances. Parents have a tendency to be over protective. I understand that they love their kid(s) but protecting them from the truth only makes things worse.  Kids need to learn to accept responsibility for themselves. Kids must learn to examine the truth about their poor performances. It is important to examine the “truth” and that requires parents and kids to look at their (process) daily habits. Are these daily habits congruent with the expected outcome(s)? Kids should be engaged in daily habits that support their physical, mental and spiritual growth and achievement of their goals. Kids need to be told that anything less than their best effort isn’t acceptable. None of us can control the outcome but we can control the process.

Goal setting is a useful tool in helping our youth set the bar high and to shoot for the stars. Being average shouldn’t be acceptable. When kids start performing daily habits that support their growth and provide an opportunity to achieve to their potential, good things will happen. David Goggin’s asks the question all the time….”what if I could achieve this goal?”

The video of David’s daily habits may for most be a little extreme but there is an important message. I am a believer in the 20X factor and we should be encouraging our children to set goals and do to their very best every day. If they don’t achieve greatness or all of their dreams and goals I suspect what they do achieve will put them in a much better position in life because of their hard work. Check out the video on the Character page of this website.



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