Importance of Grit

I share this video from the TED Talks series. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance.

Interesting video about the importance of grit. I believe grit is a character trait (muscle) that can be taught, coached and developed by one on one mentor coaching. Growth mindset in my opinion is developed through coaching. The first step is to set goals and start working a good plan to achieve those goals. Focus on process and not outcomes. Encourage and exercise character traits like discipline, drive, determination and help kids understand the value of hard work.

The coaching process helps kids understand that failure is okay. Examine the reasons for the failure and address the reasons. Either the process wasn’t right, the effort and hard work wasn’t done or possibly the goal was to lofty.

Our youth can develop grit and other character traits with the right coaching process if they are willing to be coached and get out of their comfort zone. Approach each day with fearless confidence. Mistakes are learning opportunities.

Don’t get out worked and let nothing prevent the achievement of your goals.

The link to the video.



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