Breakdown by SENS Results in GA

TLPF shares a short clip of the game between the SENS and Kings the other night. The Kings execute a 3-2 to perfection. It is a good example of a 3-2 played fast. The forwards create time and space from F1 the puck carrier taking advantages of the SENS D#67 who makes some mistakes in proper fundamentals.  The Kings F2 #21 takes hold of middle ice to the net forcing coverage by the SENS #19 Brassard. The Kings F3 #70 Pearson control skates in behind F2 #21 into the net zone uncovered to bury the pass from Kings F1 #73.

Offensive Learning:

  • As a puck carrier take advantage of a D-man giving away middle ice and playing outside the dots every time.
  • As a forward take advantage of a D-man allowing you to get inside his stick length when he is backing up. Don’t stick handle, push the puck under the stick or through the D’s legs and use your feet to pick it up on the other side.
  • As F2 on a 3-2 either attack the middle lane or outside lane going to the net to force coverage. This opens up time and space for the third attacking forward F3 should the defensive forwards be coasting back and providing no back pressure support.

Defensive Learning:

  • D should always play inside the dots backing up to protect middle ice. Middle ice is prime real estate and we never give away middle ice defensively, we control middle ice.
  • D never allow a puck carrier inside your stick length before playing the man. It is usually fatal and a no no.
  • On a one against one the D man should have his eyes on the puck carriers sternum not the puck. On a one on one we always play the body first. In this case a skilled forward made the D man pay.
  • D must practice their outside manoeuvre to open up their outside skate, push off the inside skate and in two strides get into the puck carrier and take him to the wall. Body first. You always protect middle ice and force the puck carrier to beat you to the outside with speed.
  • Back checkers, skate hard (full speed) picking up the opponent’s forwards on the defensive side of the puck. Back checkers skate full speed between the dots picking up the opponent’s forwards.
  • Communicate and shout out your coverages to make sure no offensive player is left alone to receive a pass.

The video clip.


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