Defend Dark Green Area

Defend Dark Green Area – Why Defend?

  • The Dark Green area in this chart is where the majority of goals are scored. Players are taught to go to the net with their stick on the ice for a reason. Offensive players are looking for pass, rebound or deflection opportunities in the Dark Green (Net Zone) Area.

Defend Dark Green Area – How to Defend?

  • Don’t let an offensive player get between you and your goalie/net. A good Forward will make every effort to get to open ice and get position (between defender & goalie/net) on a defender.
  • Keep yourself between the offensive player and your goalie.
  • Be in a strong hockey position at all times to remain in balance and be able to use your stick and body effectively.
  • Get your stick under your opponent’s stick in coverage tapping up intermittently to prevent a stick on puck opportunity to rebound or deflect a puck at the net.
  • Defenders should keep their arms close to their body with two hands on their stick defending.
  • Force puck turnovers and regain puck control & possession in the Dark Green Area and have a plan to exit the zone.

Video Clip-Examples of Goals Scored in the Dark Green Area


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