Neutral Zone Unforced Puck Turnovers

Neutral Zone Puck Management

  • Puck Management is an important part of a player’s game and every player should be mindful of this part of their game. An unforced mental error like this turnover of the puck by the Defensemen in the neutral zone resulted in a goal against.
  • You never want to turn the puck over in the neutral zone, especially, at the opponent’s blue line. Bruins F #63 seizes the opportunity and accelerates to open ice behind the strong side D when he recognizes the change in possession, gains open ice and scores unchallenged.
  • Players with the puck should avoid turning over the puck in the neutral zone by not over handling the puck, moving the puck to a teammate and joining the rush or even dumping the puck deep into the offensive zone (hard or soft dump).

Neutral Zone Transition 

  • Good transition teams use the ice surface & indirect (off the boards) passes instead of tape to tape passes to stretch the ice and advance the puck in the zone.
  • Indirect passes are an excellent offensive tool against a team defending the zone blocking passing lanes. Indirect passes and chips to open ice provide Forwards with the ability to get in behind defenders and stretch the ice in a fast counter attack game.
  • Indirect passes and chips to open ice are an excellent tool for Defensemen under the pressure of a good zone forecheck to advance the puck. Talk with F’s and practice this skill and tactic to improve your game.

Video Clip Shared – VEGAS KNIGHTS Defensemen Unforced Puck Turnover

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