Defending Against a Set Play (DZ Face-off Loss)

Puck’s in Your Net Before You Know It

In this short video clip Crosby wins the draw clean back to the strong side D. The strong side LW (Connor Sheary) on the wall moves to open ice above the hash marks at the top of the face off circle to receive a pass from the D and shoots to score the game winning goal.


  • Strong side D doesn’t cover the LW as he comes off the wall and drops back into zone coverage instead of playing man coverage.
  • Centre who lost the draw stays with Crosby in man coverage.
  • The opponent’s Wingers get out to the points.
  • The goal scorer finds a “soft spot” in zone coverage to receive the pass in the high slot above the hash marks at the top of the face-off circle to shoot and score.
  • The PENS RW moves out of the face off-circle and then turns to drive the net down low.


  • Don’t step into a face-off circle without knowing your role offensively and defensively.
  • Read and react to the situation. When are you in man coverage, when do you transition to zone coverage etc etc. Talk to your Coach.

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