Defending Up Top – DZ Face-off Loss


  • Offensive team wins the draw back to the strong side D who is able to make a D to D pass to his weak side partner.
  • Offensive LW skates from the face-off circle to middle ice above the hash marks to escape man coverage.
  • Offensive RW skates to middle ice below the hash marks in a low position for a deflection, rebound opportunity. C joins the RW in a low position in front of the net.
  • D sets up the Shooter (LW) position in middle ice up top.
  • LW shoots and scores with an excellent point shot. The RD had the option of dropping down to get a return pass from the shooter or LD.

Creating Offence on a Face-off Win:

  • Player and puck movement resulting from players without the puck finding open ice, “soft spots” and getting open. Many teams now are moving a player up top (above the hash marks) to play 3 against 2 to outnumber their opponent to advance the puck. Smart. The defending team has to have the ability to transition between man and zone coverages in the offensive zone.

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