DZ Exit Play Made Easy

Keys To Exiting the DZ with Confidence & Relative Ease:

  1. Use of the width and depth of the ice surface in the zone.
  2. Setting of clean (quality) passing lane options, more options the better.
  3. Never rushing or forcing a pass, especially 1st pass.
  4. Remaining calm, nobody panic, we’ve got this.
  5. Timing of the passes and player movement in the timing of the exit play to ensure puck support necessary to advance the puck.
  6. Exit route option selected.
  7. Getting players to come back to the puck in the zone into the right spots.
  8. Role of the player in middle ice down low to support puck offensively & defensively if need be.
  9. Communication.

Technical Hockey Skills (Skating,Passing, Puck Control)

  • The skill level of the players matters. The higher the skill level of the players, the easier execution of exit play.

Hard Pressure Forecheck

  • A well executed breakout defeats the best hard pressure forecheck every time. Outnumbering offensively and playing 5 against 3 (forecheckers) makes good sense. Follow the keys and practice with an increase in resistance & pressure based on the execution of the players.

Net/Slot Zone Middle Ice Down Low Position

  • Doesn’t have to be a Defensemen. 1st Forward back into the zone is an option but you want a skilled player with good hands and skating quickness to support the breakout. The timing of when this player leaves the net/slot zone to receive a pass is one of the keys to exit play. The player must set a good angle to receive a pass and time acceleration of speed on the exit.

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