Outnumber to Advance the Puck & Create Scoring Chances

Outnumbering to advance the puck on net or out of tight spaces is an offensive tactic used by smart hockey players. In the clip below a 3 on 3 is turned into an offensive 2 on 1 because the two offensive players isolated on the strong side defensemen to create a quality opportunity to advance the puck on net to create a scoring chance. The result, a goal is scored and the offensive team exploited the defending team with their execution of a quality offensive tactic.

Players without the puck must find open ice and support the puck carrier to create outnumbered situations and set passing lanes to advance the puck. You’re a better offensive team when you support the puck as a group in all areas of the ice to advance the puck.

Outnumbering your opponent to create an odd man advantage is a basic fundamental offensive tactic that is under emphasized by coaches. You don’t need systems to create scoring chances you need players with strong technical hockey skills combined with sound knowledge of fundamental tactics of the game that haven’t changed in the past 100 years.

Excellent Example of Outnumbering & Offensive Puck Support – 3 on 3 becomes a 2 on 1 

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