Give & Go Tactical Play

Give and Go Outnumbered Play

A Give and Go Play is an example of an offensive tactical play to create a player advantage in tight space to advance the puck. The play essentially isolates on a defender to work a 2 on 1 give and go (return pass) play to advance the puck. There are two examples of a Give and Go Play in the offensive zone to take the puck to the net and both end up with a goal being scored. The player without the puck in the low position by the net or goal line area I refer to as the Anchor or Low Position to receive and return the pass to the player attacking open space. 

The Give and Go play is under coached and an effective play in all three zones of the rink to get out of tight spaces to advance the puck. Remember, the higher the level of competition the harder it becomes to beat a skilled player One on One so create outnumbered situations to advance the puck and retain puck possession and control, be smart.

Neutral Zone Give and Go Video Clip

TLPF_Hockey Tweet on the Give & Go Play

Give & Go – Attack Rush Goal
Offensive Zone Give and Go Play by the strong side low Forward & Defenceman.

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