2 thoughts on “Be Your Team’s Best Defensive Player

    • Definition of Pressuring Up Defensively: Recognizing an opportunity to close the gap on an offensive player who has the puck to regain puck possession & control. The following are opportunities to pressure up:
      1. Puck carrier is bobbling the puck or struggling to control the puck,
      2. Puck carrier has his/her back to the play,
      3. Puck carrier has no offensive puck support from teammates in a confined space,
      4. Puck carrier has limited room to move & as a defender you have the opportunity to compete for the puck,
      5. Or a Loose puck situation (race to loose puck),
      6. Puck recovery battle (individual & group support).
      Read & react skills and pressure up in strong hockey position. Safety & improve leverage and balance. Taking the right approach angle, always protect middle ice, exercise inside out control. Proper angling fundamentals.


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