A Values System CC#01

An Example of a Team’s Values System

A Team’s Values System – Purpose

A Coach’s Values System is the first step in Coaching Character with players. Character is about what you think, what you do and what is important to you. A set of core values are essential to the thought process and decision making.

A set of core values and beliefs for a team define the character of the Coach, Team and Organization. A set of core values informs and educates the team about the character of their leader, the coaching staff and the organization. The best way to coach character is by being a role model.

A good coach will always do what is best for the team, first and foremost, and that should guide players in making the right personal choices to remain an integral part of the team. Players would be wise to ensure their personal core values are aligned with the team’s and that should guide the personal choices they make.

There are a lot of good reasons for a Head Coach to create a Team’s Values System, such as, but not limited to the following:

  1. Define the Head Coach’s values and beliefs that will be used to make decisions on all matters related to the team.
  2. Share what is important for the team to be successful.
  3. Tool to inform and educate.
  4. Create the right culture and sets standards.
  5. Guide players to make the right personal choices in their development.
  6. Keep the group pulling in the same direction.
  7. Provide focus for daily work.
  8. Take a step in making Coaching Character the #1 priority.
  9. Share a common purpose.
  10. Build relationships with team members.
Every Team Member Must Be Pulling In The Same Direction


The evidence is overwhelming, character drives performance. A team’s set of core values and beliefs is a key action taken by a Head Coach to define what is important to the coach, players, team, and organization.

If you want to be part of a good team and organization you need to know their core values and beliefs and make sure your personal decision making aligns with the team’s values and beliefs.

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