Exercising Character Muscles CC#03

3 Video Clips of Coaches Exercising Muscles of Character

Coach Saban expending energy in a Football Clinic to define Character and Self-Discipline for players, parents and coaches in attendance. Players need to understand the importance of doing what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, the way they were taught to do it and that is not too much of an ask. Coach Saban setting the expectations.

Self-Discipline Character Muscle Gets Some Exercise

Truthfulness – Easy to Say, Hard to Do

The best thing a Coach can do for a player, tell them the truth. The best thing a Parent can do for their child, tell them the truth. The best thing a person/athlete can do is be honest with yourself, tell the truth. The truth matters, if you hide from the truth, you will never address the work that needs to happen to get better. So many people hide from the truth, and that’s the truth. You are not doing the person/athlete any favours by not being truthful.

Truthfulness Character Muscle Gets Some Exercise
Effort, Best Energy Effort Investment Character Muscle Gets Some Exercise

Best Effort – Energy Investment

Coaches should not have to coach your level of effort and energy at any time. In the clip the Coach is coaching the Best Effort Character Muscle even though he says “you wouldn’t be here if I had to coach that”. We are human and occasionally even the elite athletes may need their Best Effort Character Muscle exercised.

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