The Competitiveness Character Muscle – CC#04

Competition – Getting Up When You’re Knocked Down

Coach Bill Belichick coaching the character muscle with his team in the video clip below. The theme of the week was “Competition”, getting up when you get knocked down and competing to the best of your ability is the expectation. Important coaching message for the person-athlete. Character drives performance in life and sports.

Overcoming Adversity – Expect Adversity
Getting Up When You’re Get Knocked Down


Young Fighter Terri Harper broke her hand in the 4th Round and won the fight on a stoppage in the 9th. Clearly, she overcame adversity, made adjustments in the fight to find a way to win.

Focus on Today

Keep Your Feet On The Ground

One of the keys to getting better is your ability to focus on ‘today’. We are what we do every day and must be focused on the things we need to do today to get better. Can’t change the past, must be able to work through adversity and challenges, get the work that needs to get done today out of the way. Coach Saban coaching the Perseverance Character muscle with players.

Competitiveness Mindset

The point of competition is getting up after you get knocked down, expect adversity and challenges, and compete to the top level you are at and your best effort consistently is the expectation.

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