How You Support The Puck Offensively Key To Possession Game

Offensive Puck Support

  • One of the keys to the Puck Possession Game is the ability to effectively support the puck offensively and defensively. In the TW video below you see evidence of constant player & puck movement that is skillfully timed in execution. The players without the puck find open ice at different levels; above, below and at puck level to create passing options for the puck carrier. The team with the puck is patient in their approach to finding a teammate breaking away from coverage to get into a scoring position to make a play on net.
  • Support of the puck offensively in all three zones is one of the keys to winning the Possession Game. The Art of Supporting the Puck is essential to becoming a good offensive team. The ability to support the puck effectively is key to your ability to exit the Defensive Zone, Enter and Exit the Neutral Zone with speed and puck control and to advance the puck on net in the offensive zone at Even Strength and on the Power Play.
  • Timing of player and puck movement and the group’s technical hockey skills are essential to supporting the puck effectively.
  • Teams that have mobile skilled Defencemen should give them the green light to engage with the Forwards to create offence. So long as you have rotational coverage up top the Defencemen should be part of supporting the puck to advance the puck.

Down Low Game Below The Hash Marks

To control the puck below the hash marks you need to support the Puck Carrier offensively. Great example in the TW video below of excellent support of the puck. You see strong technical hockey skills, timing in player & puck movement to attack the net.

Interesting Article About Constant Player & Puck Movement

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