Establishing Defensive Position

Defensive Position on Opponents

Establishing Defensive Position

Whether you’re a weak side Defenceman or back checking Forward defending the Attack Rush, getting defensive position on your opponent is critical to defending. There are good habits you should be aware of in your execution.

Good Defensive Habits

  • Swivel Head to identify arrivals into the zone supporting the puck carrier,
  • Establish defensive side of the puck (box out) to establish defensive position, keep yourself between the puck carrier and the player without the puck,
  • Track between the dots to protect middle ice & to establish defensive position,
  • Strong Hockey Position (maximum strength and balance),
  • Stick under your opponent’s, tap up, to prevent stick on puck,
  • Take your opponent to the net,
  • No gliding, full speed to get shoulder to shoulder then matching speed,
  • Communicate coverages with teammates.

Late Arrivals into the Offensive Zone

When there is a good structure defending established and no play on the net your opponent may delay and turn back for offensive puck support arriving late into the zone. It is critical late arrivals are picked up and defended. Teams are dropping their Defencemen down to support the puck offensively into open ice (lanes/seams) to support the puck so there must be constant awareness of the position of players without the puck in the zone.

TLPF_Hockey TW Shared Below

  • Weak Side D does an excellent job establishing Defensive Position on his opponent.

What Happens When You Don’t Establish Defensive Position —Video Goal Against

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