Constant Player & Puck Movement in Zone

Playing with a Purpose – Player and Puck Movement in Zone to Create Quality Scoring Chances

The What

Constant player and puck movement in the offensive zone to create chaos and make it more difficult for defenders to defend against our technical skills.

The Why

Why Constant Player & Puck Movement in the Offensive Zone?

  • Create chaos for defenders and make defending more challenging
  • Make defenders move their feet and get off the dot to force them to defend in man coverage
  • Create player mismatches in skills in areas of the ice surface
  • Create outnumbered/overload player advantage situations in areas of the ice to advance the puck
  • Retain puck possession and control in zone by relocating the puck and players
  • Take advantage of our unit’s technical hockey skills
  • Create good looks (scoring chances) in key scoring areas
  • Create time and space and take the puck to the net
  • Separate from defenders into open ice to support the puck
  • Make effective us of all five players and play more as a “unit/group”
  • Take full advantage of the width and depth of the offensive zone to retain puck possession & control
  • Players without the puck have a responsibility to get open to support the puck and the Puck Carrier
  • Make sure the Puck Carrier has at least two passing options at all times
  • We want to manage the puck as a group effective because hockey is a Possession Game

The How

  • Use of structure to support the puck with players moving into position at the right moments
  • Timing of player and puck movements – clearly there must be timing in the execution of player and puck movements
  • We work the area outside the dots (perimeter) as a unit to find the right opportunity for players to attack inside the dots to play inside of the defensive structure
  • Get offensive position on defenders – players without the puck getting open to receive the puck by pass or shot on the net (misdirected puck)
  • Change direction to separate from man coverage (stops & starts, tight turns, give & go plays, cycles, switches and reverses
  • Use of the width and depth of the zone to relocate the puck to separate from defenders and reload from a different area of the ice to attack from
  • Use of our strong technical hockey skills (speed, quickness, puck control and passing skills & skating skills
  • Never stationary unless posting up to perform a “Setter Role” in middle ice or on the perimeter
Narration of the Offensive Zone Play by Team Canada – Constant Player & Puck Movement in Zone to Attack Middle Ice (Between the Dots)
Diagram of the Offensive Zone Breakdown by Levels (1-3) and Perimeter (Outside the Dots in Blue) Inside the Dots (Good Ice in Green)

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