Mentor Coach Services

A Mentor Coach can be very helpful to the development of a player. A Mentor Coach can help a player in the following areas:

  1. Evaluation of the player’s hockey skills and tactical knowledge and skills,
  2. Development of a Plan that if followed will guarantee results,
  3. Review of Game Video: Hockey Skills, Tactical Knowledge and Skills Play,
  4. Performance Coaching: Character, Values, Mental Game, Team Game, Coach-ability.
  5. Right practice and approach to practice.

A Mentor Coach never teaches or coaches hockey systems. A Mentor Coach never contradicts the teaching and coaching of the player’s Head Coach.  A good Mentor Coach is generally appreciated by a Head Coach because of the additional one on one attention in the player’s development that should make a positive difference in the athlete’s performance.

At TLPF we recommend that every serious competitive player seek out a Mentor Coach to help them in their development process. One on one coaching with an athlete can make a big difference in the development of a player. What is important is choosing the right Mentor Coach for the player.