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Must read, short blog from Commander Mark Devine of on the importance of replacing bad habits with good habits and starting today. Never too late for getting on the road to excellence, the link:


Short 2 minute video clip from Coach Anson Dorrance University North Carolina, VISION OF A CHAMPION. It’s about character, the video is below.

TED TALKS: Solid Character = Discipline + Drive + Determination

Video on the Importance of Grit. More important than IQ or any other factor in reaching one’s true performance potential. THE POWER OF PASSION AND PERSEVERANCE. Parents and coaches have a role to play. Get your kid(s) out of their “Comfort Zone” and start working with them to set goals and habits congruent with the achievement of their dreams. Start replacing bad habits with good habits. Embrace the suck and no excuses. Stop baby sitting. The sooner your son or daughter takes responsibility for their own results the better off they will become. It’s okay to make mistakes it’s how they learn. Our youth have to get physically and mentally fit and focused on activities that will lead to them realizing their potential. Ms. Duckworth isn’t sure how to develop GRIT but it’s not rocket science, it is all about parenting and working with kids to take ownership of their own happiness. Good coaches recognize that the responsibility for getting our youth to achieve more doesn’t rest solely with parents, coaches can teach and coach character. Character muscles need to be exercised just like physical muscles need exercise. Go for it!


Parents, teachers, coaches, players take twenty minutes out of your day to watch this video of Navy Seal, David Goggins. I don’t condone David’s use of profanity (mostly bleeped out) but I do believe in the messages. The 20X factor is about every single one of us being capable of performing twenty times more than we actually achieve. Most of us chose to remain in our comfort zone. This video is about the importance of being uncomfortable every day and achieving goals you may not have believed possible. Must watch, time well spent. Not sure any of us need to change our daily habits to this extreme, but we definitely have to get out of our comfort zone. The video below.

Must read: The Way of the SEAL & Unbeatable Mind by Commander Mark Divine. Mark’s written two excellent books I highly recommend. He’s trained in coaching character.





Must read: THE ONLY WAY TO WIN, This book should be required reading for all high school students.

The philosopher Heraclitus proclaimed that “Character is our Destiny.” The teaching and coaching of Character is the responsibility of both parent(s) and coaches!

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