News Letters

News Letter Tip #1|Become a Student of the Game the link| tip-1-be-a-student-of-the-game

News Letter Tip #2 |Importance of a proper Player Evaluation to an athlete’s development the link| news-letter-tlpf-2

News Letter Tip #3 |Parents are Coaches Too, the link| news-letter-tlpf-3-parent|The document provides a summary of a Value System Culture for Winning. Parents can play a role by supporting these key values, habits and beliefs.

News Letter Tip #4 |Coaches Build Character the link|News Letter TLPF #4

News Letter Tip #5 |Message to Parents on TLPF Coaching Services the link|News Letter Message to Parents

News Letter Tip #6|Message to Coaches, Players & Parents|Coaching with a Purpose|A Value Based Approach the link|News Letter Tip #6 Value Based Approach