The Strategy Elite Athletes follow to Perform at the Highest Level, link to article:

Inky Johnson’s Motivational Speech. An important message from an amazing young man’s journey through life. Important messages to be shared albeit from a tragic event. The video:

Sue Enquist, Retired Head Softball Coach UCLA. Must listen for parents, players and coaches on the subject of Fear and Failure. Perspective on coaching is shared by a savvy veteran Professional Coach with a legacy of winning Championships and Titles. Invest in yourself and listen to this twenty minute talk.

Jack Clark, Head Coach University of California, Berkeley video on building a high performance team based on the right Culture. A Culture based on proven values of Championship teams. Must listen for players, parents and coaches.

Dr. Jim LOEHR and the Purpose of Sports. Every parent, player and coach MUST watch and listen


Dr. Jim LOEHR and the Power of the Story. Every parent, player and coach must watch and listen


Dr. Jim LOEHR on Building Character which is a must listen for all parents, coaches and players.

Nick Saban Youth Camp Speech, must 15 minute video for parents, coaches and players.


Motivational Video|JJ Watt, NFL, Football Great speaking to high school players about the sacrifices and keys to greatness. JJ’s speech is one every young person should listen to because it addresses who is responsible for success, happiness and greatness. It’s about ‘YOU’ and your willingness to do the hard work and make the right decisions in life to accomplish goals. Click on this link to listen if you’re interested in the HUNT for GREATNESS:

Tom Brady GOAT NFL QB of all time, a video for every player, parent and coach to learn valuable character traits:

Coach John Wooden Video before he passed for players, parents and coaches, the link:


PLAYER PARENT PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD: Document link to view:Performance Dashboard Competitive Hockey