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Article on Playing with Pressure: Winning Puck Battles Along The Boards. Click on this link to view this Article: puck-battles-on-the-boards


We examine an effective process to set goals, create a seasonal plan for the zone, measure performance and set performance targets for improved play.

DZ Presentation Slides link:DZ Coaching Slides

Click on the document link for an EXAMPLE of a goal setting template for the Defensive Zone (DZ):Team Goal Setting

This document provides the rationale for why we must coach playing with pressure in the DZ.  Click on this link to view: Why defend the DZ with Pressure


In this short video we examine the importance of defending with five players in the box with every puck location in the DZ.

April 26,2016 Post Materials:

1) This coaching document is shared to provide coaches and players with our thoughts on how to play with pressure in the defensive zone. Click on the link to view: Coaching the Pressure Game in the Defensive Zone.fn

2) Play animation review of zone and man coverage in the DZ:

3) Video analysis of an NCAA game between Michigan and Notre Dame.  The clips support our coaching points on playing with pressure in the DZ: 

Defending Point Puck Location in the DZ: This video is of a game between the Predators and Kings. The Kings have a breakdown in man coverage that results in # 9 Forsberg being wide open to get his stick on the puck to score. Defending a point puck location requires the two Wingers to cover the offensive teams D pairing while the Centre and D pairing lock down the opponents forward line. The net and slot zones must be locked down in man coverage. Defending players must communicate verbally and with physical motions to ensure offensive players down low are covered. The video has been recorded in slow motion for you to analyze the breakdown in coverage. # 27 Martinez and # 44 Lecavalier could do a better job of defending.

Locking Down The Net & Slot Zone Under Attack: Man Coverage: In this video clip we show a Daryl Sutter coached team that demonstrates how to play man coverage below the hash marks to lock down the Net Zone and prevent a play on net. The keys you will see in the video clip: 1) Centreman supporting the two Defensemen in man coverage, 2) The defensive players playing MAN-YOU-GOAL and keeping the opponent from getting between them and the goalie, 3) Five defensive players collapse down low into the Net Zone and get their sticks under their opponents preventing them from making a play on the puck.

Defending a Sideboard or Hash Marks Puck Location in the DZ  In this short video clip between the Flyers and Capitals you get a chance to see how to defend with the structure of five in the box on a half wall or side board puck location. Keys to defending a side board or half wall puck location: 1. Get five players in the box (team defence) 2. Outnumber on the puck with three players on the puck; two players set the edge to contain the puck battle, first man plays the body and separates the offensive player from the puck, second man plays the puck and chips to open teammate, third player executes the DZ exit play. 3. All players know their role and have a set exit play off the puck recovery. Please watch the video below:

Defending a Sideboard Hash Mark Puck Location – Mistakes Made: In this video clip the defensive team makes mistakes in their defensive play defending the side board puck location. The mistakes: 1) The left edge isn’t set or contained 2) The first player on the puck doesn’t play the body but instead uses his stick and fishes for the puck 3) They don’t outnumber on the puck and play three against two 4) They don’t lock down the net and slot zones with good man coverage when the opponent recovers the puck and attacks the net. Locking down the net and slot zones requires the defensive team to complete the following tasks: 1) play defensive side of the puck in man coverage and box out the opponent to control middle ice and take away passing lanes 2) Defensive players must get their stick under the opponent and take the player to the net, 3) Force a perimeter shot on net with every offensive player “covered” right to the net. Video below for viewing:


Defending the Neutral Zone Document link: DEFENDING THE NZ