Think Less Play Faster (TLPF) Hockey Concept:

Every young hockey player in the competitive hockey system should take a keen interest in their development as a player and student. The key development areas for every player:

  • Education,
  • Physical Strength and Conditioning,
  • Nutrition,
  • Technical Skills,
  • Tactical Knowledge (individual and group) & Skills,
  • Character,
  • Culture of Excellence,
  • Discipline,
  • Mental Game,
  • Compete Level.

Talent takes an athlete only so far. A player must reach level (stage) 4 in the Hierarchy of Learning to play the game at an elite level. The development areas must be mastered for a player to be able to think less and play faster hockey. The Unconscious Competence Stage should be the goal of every player interested in reaching their full potential.

Hockey is a game of time and space. For players to reach their full potential the tactical play must be “fast”. Players must know how to position themselves to support the puck offensively and defensively in all three zones.

Development Process Keys

  • Coaches take a relationship based approach to coaching, person 1st player 2nd. Get to know each player’s strengths, areas for development (person and player), interests and challenges. Take an interest in developing the person then the player. Every player needs to know Coach has their back and cares about their development. Try it, it works.
  • Focus on teaching proper fundamentals in technical hockey skills & tactics
  • Individual teaching & coaching of players
  • Position coaching
  • Teaching of group tactics to players that supports skill development
  • Effective use of video analysis on an individual and group basis for teaching skills, tactics, systems
  • Play less games and practice more
  • Support Coaches with Seasonal Plan Development (Program Design) & Technical Hockey Skills Coaching by Program Administrators – Subject Matter Experts
  • Drills are useless if the kids aren’t executing proper fundamentals
  • Character & Culture coaching part of the program design

Blog posts will be on subjects that serious players should find helpful to their development. Twitter Account: @TLPF_Hockey24       #TLPFBreakdowns