Puck Management Entering the Offensive Zone

Use of the Width & Depth of the Zone

Hockey is a puck possession game. Every young player has to understand the importance of making good decisions with the puck to avoid turnovers. In the video clip below the Puck Carrier enters the offensive zone and has limited puck support so he moves the puck to the weak side corner for the weak side Winger to recover the puck. Under check pressure, the movement of the puck weak side created time and space to recover the puck and reset a structure to support the advancement of the puck on net with puck support in zone. The Puck Carrier avoided turning over the puck under check pressure when there was an absence of quality puck support.

The use of the width and depth of the zone (ice surface) is one of the keys to creating time and space to make plays, retain puck possession and control and advance the puck in zone.

As line mates you should talk about how you can work together to support the puck in different situations in different zones of the rink. Be creative and use your speed, skills and work ethic to support the puck as a group on every shift.

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