Defencemen — 10 Keys To Better One On One Play

One on One Attack Rush Play Defending – Defencemen

Keys for Defencemen Defending a One on One Attack Rush Play

Defending Entrance Into Your Zone – Angling Tips
Excellent TW from @TheCoachesSite and @LauraSchuler27 on the art of angling in this video clip from their latest edition of Finding the Details. Extremely important subject and relevant to the One on One Attack Rush Play for Defencemen. Laura explains the importance of inside out control, opening up and closing the gap on the puck carrier.

Every defenceman should work on controlling their neutral zone gap (distance between puck carrier and D pairing) to improve their skating skills and ability to match the speed of a puck carrier on the Attack Rush. The D in this clip plays a tight gap to support the F’s and opens up and angles effectively to strip the puck and get position on the puck carrier at the blue line 👍.

Excellent Videos Shared by Nick Neary Below on Proper Angling

Defending: The use of Gap Control and Angling to Take Away Ice (Time & Space)

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